Fostering innovation through education

February 21, 2019

The tandoor is an ideologic relic; a technological fossil that has survived through ages. While the world embraces 5G communication technology and adopts intelligent machines; the subcontinent’s most utilized cooking appliance remains indifferent to all the technological insurgency. To redesign and refine is one of human’s greatest endeavors. It is what propels our species towards […]

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Reclaiming our lost treasures

December 10, 2018

Humza Irfan and Dr Khurram Kayani There is a treasure waiting to be discovered. A map and a compass guides our heroes as they set foot on a forbidden island, traverse through snow and dirt, sail through monstrous ocean waves, and slay dragons. As they inch closer to their eureka moment they come face-to-face with […]

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Reclaiming knowledge through technology

October 5, 2018

Pakistan is experiencing unprecedented knowledge insecurity. Leading national experts, practitioners, design thinkers, academics, and scientists are increasingly looking for opportunities to settle abroad. And when they do fly overseas, they carry extra baggage with them, which is neither inspected by custom officials, nor is it subject to any additional charges. This auxiliary luggage is none […]

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