Author: Humza Irfan

Humza Irfan (The Author) has more than 8 years of progressive experience as a professional writer. He has penned more than 200 articles on assorted subjects. His forte includes writing content for advocacy, persuasion, creating awareness and story-telling. He has done his masters from Lahore University of Management Sciences. He holds extensive experience of working with the nonprofit sector of Pakistan and has been associated with a number of diverse social causes in related to education, higher education, health, special-needs education, disability, human rights, gender parity, etc. His blogs can be accessed on He tweets @humzod (

Anti-vax movement: Now in Pakistan

April 30, 2019

Fear sells miraculously. It is a favorite weapon of choice for many politicians. US President, Donald Trump was adamant that there is a strong link between vaccination of small children and autism. His tweets on the topic created fear among parents and led to an almost nationwide movement to boycott vaccination. Not so long ago, […]

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Pakistan’s space programme: Achievable goal or impossible dream?

April 23, 2019

Last year, newly anointed Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry boldly announced that Pakistan would launch its first manned space mission in 2022, and as expected, many people took to social media to voice their amusement. The statement cracked many smiles and it became the subject of much ridicule and cynicism. For the first […]

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April 16, 2019

Where are all the Muslim scientists? It seems history books have betrayed them. The great contributions in science by Arabs, Persians, and Indians are hardly mentioned in our textbooks. While we hear about Newton’s law of motions, Euclidean geometry, and Hawking radiation, Middle-Eastern scientists have largely lacked this privilege of being eternally named. They largely […]

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India unmasked

March 13, 2019

As the dust settles after the recent Indo-Pak tussle, the world is now suddenly confronted with a new India. No this is not akin to ‘Naya Pakistan’; rather it is the ‘old’ India unmasked. The second most populous country in the world has tarnished its own image. It is riding the shame train, and basking […]

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India vs. Pakistan: The war in cyberspace

March 1, 2019

While the Pakistan Army is vehemently defending our borders from aggressive pursuits of the Indian Air Force (IAF), there is another war brewing in cyberspace. Social media is now being bombarded by false information which is driven mostly by the Indian side. One war leads to another. In today’s information age an act of military […]

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Fostering innovation through education

February 21, 2019

The tandoor is an ideologic relic; a technological fossil that has survived through ages. While the world embraces 5G communication technology and adopts intelligent machines; the subcontinent’s most utilized cooking appliance remains indifferent to all the technological insurgency. To redesign and refine is one of human’s greatest endeavors. It is what propels our species towards […]

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The environmental cost of doing business

February 16, 2019

When the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, they sometimes left permanent footprints on land. Today this offers archaeologists a glimpse into their lives and plenty of insight to fill history books. But these footprints are nothing more than depressions on earth. The impact that these giant creatures left on the planet pales in comparison to the […]

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A dark day

January 1, 2019

We all have a guardian angel and it is not the stuff of myths and legends. Rather it is a bundle of ideas, an enactment of a vision, and a mass of goodwill. But it remains largely invisible and seldom appreciated until it is gone. On July 8, 2016, Pakistan and the world bid farewell […]

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Reclaiming our lost treasures

December 10, 2018

Humza Irfan and Dr Khurram Kayani There is a treasure waiting to be discovered. A map and a compass guides our heroes as they set foot on a forbidden island, traverse through snow and dirt, sail through monstrous ocean waves, and slay dragons. As they inch closer to their eureka moment they come face-to-face with […]

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Holding manufacturers accountable for plastic waste

November 17, 2018

With the rise of 3D printing technology, we are going to see a boom in the products made by using plastic. According to one estimate, plastic will probably outweigh all marine life by the year 2050

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