Month: October 2018

Adopting solar energy — easier said than done

October 20, 2018

Pakistan continues to face electricity shortages of upto 6,000 MW but residential consumers have yet to embrace renewable energy sources even though there are many economic benefits on the table. For an average consumer, solar and wind power are just options. What matters most is the output; the final product

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Green red zones

October 18, 2018

The agriculture sector is brimming with a plethora of occupational hazards. It employs 42 percent of the workforce who are likely to be the poorest of the poor. Active legislation is needed to ensure a safe environment for all farmworkers

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Reclaiming knowledge through technology

October 5, 2018

Pakistan is experiencing unprecedented knowledge insecurity. Leading national experts, practitioners, design thinkers, academics, and scientists are increasingly looking for opportunities to settle abroad. And when they do fly overseas, they carry extra baggage with them, which is neither inspected by custom officials, nor is it subject to any additional charges. This auxiliary luggage is none […]

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